Real State

In January 2010 experiencing the moment of full expansion that the Brazilian real estate market, crossing the positive prospects of the economy and the expressive volume of pent-up demand for housing and the lack of infrastructure for the installation and growth of industries and big companies in the country, the Eng. Alexander Scandiuzzi, partner of Positive engineering, using the knowledge acquired in the merger and in industrial works routinescorporate housing, and decided to focus the expertise in structuring and development of real estate business, acting so diversified with freedom to aggregate partners, partners and investors.

The achievement of A real estate business has unparalleled complexity, involving competencies – technical, financial, commercial, environmental, legal, tax, social security, accounting, relationship and knowledge of the market – pegged the capable management and focusing on enabling business. This scenario generates insecurity for those who wish to attend or join the market and restricts the volume of new business of real estate developers because they are employed in the administration of the interfaces of the projects in operation.

We operate in the structuring and development of real estate business, aggregating land owners, developers, builders, investors, banks, real estate funds and private equity, properties and companies of real estate corporations, identifying first the viability of the business in all skills involved and what the best composition to be formed between the parties concerned.